Beautiful, High-Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures


Don’t let your plumber bring you a cheap or ugly sink!

When you choose to replace any bathroom or kitchen fixtures in your home, don’t trust your plumbers to do the job for many reasons !

  • If your plumber says you need a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom, do you know what it’s going to look like? NO! Most likely not going to be from a leading fixture manufacturer. Typically, plumbers grab the cheapest fixture they can find (usually a generic brand)
  • Cheap fixtures are temporary fixes, they won’t solve your problem for long & definitely won’t help your interior decor. Premium fixtures are attractive, durable & will be a real asset to your building.
  • Do yourself a favor and pick out a sink that has value and decor! Either visit our showroom or browse all our fixtures online.
  • We offer free delivery here in the Bay Area everyday! Expect your fixtures to arrive by the next day!
  • Quality Matters When Picking Your Fixture

    A Cheap sink, toilet or faucet can lead to leaks, costly fixes and even multiple replacements in a year. All the fixtures we carry, have stunning visual appeal and have been tested for optimal durability so you won’t have to worry about ever calling a plumber for a fix again. Our Kitchen & Bath inventory includes top names in the industry such as Kohler, Moen, American Standard and Gerber fixtures.

  • Our Plumber Has +10 Years Experience In Installing Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

    Our team of plumbing experts have +10 years in installing toilet, sink, tub, shower, & faucet fixtures. Whether looking for value, visual appeal, or a little of both, our team of plumbing experts are available to give you the advice you need, to help find the perfect fixture.

    When you get in touch with us, you’ll find our expert plumbers to be friendly, caring & cost-effective. For more specific information about any of our products or to schedule a FREE quote on-site, you can call us at (510) 209-9511.

  • One-Stop, Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Solution

    Don’t spend hours shopping around for a fixture and then looking for a Plumber You Can Trust. It could be taking up hours of your precious time off and still get a bad plumber. Make replacing or fixing your easy for yourself by getting in touch with our Plumbing Expert! Our years of experience & professionalism, guarantee to help you select the best kitchen and bathroom fixtures for your home or business.

We’d love to hear to speak with you about more specific information about any of our products or your project. We can also schedule you for a FREE on-site quote for buying and installing the perfect fixtures at your building!